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Running a business in today's market requires processes that keep your company both focused and organized
and technology that can make the processes happen. Dynamic Software Innovations specializes in making
technology work for you. DSi provides a wide range of IT services from custom application development and
e-commerce applications to systems integration.

Custom Applications:

DSi understands complex applications and what it takes to deliver them on time and on budget. DSi
follows strict requirements and analysis to understand what clients needs are. We guarantee that the
solution that we deliver performs like you expect it to. DSi truly delivers software solutions. DSi
are experts in developing applications based on the Microsoft .Net platform. For a full range of
technologies we support check our portfolio.

Our applications can help you build a solution to enable and enforce new business processes, models and
practices. DSiís competitive rates will ensure you see a rapid ROI. We can help you reduce your costs by
providing automated services and increase your service throughput with improved performance and reliability.

e-Commerce Applications:

Having a web presence is a necessity in todayís connected world. Our creative team are experts at creating
solutions which will get you noticed. Whether itís creating an online store or an extranet to provide
collaboration with your suppliers, vendors or partners, DSi has a solution for you. To see a list of the
solutions we provide, check our portfolio.

Systems Integration:

Most companies have a vast array of software applications. However more often than not, these applications
are not integrated and often require many man-hours to move data between applications on a regular basis.
DSi can make sense of your integration headache, getting the right information between software systems
and creating constant data flow. We will ensure you get the information you need leveraging the software
you have already invested in, to the people who need it and when they need it.

We can help you streamline processes and corral data across organizational and geographical boundaries.
We can also help you implement sustainable information frameworks for extensibility and scalability for
future initiatives.

Industry Experience:

DSi has a wide range of industry experience. We have developed applications for the financial,
field-service, retail, travel and municipal sectors.
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